Orthodontics Midtown Phoenix: For The Aligned Teeth

If you are worried about the gaps in your teeth or overcrowded teeth, then let go off all your worries because an orthodontist in Midtown Phoenix will fix such issues and you can thus march with unbeaten confidence.

What is orthodontics?

An orthodontist is someone who specializes in straightening the teeth. Hence, orthodontics is a branch of dentistry in which the focus is on addressing, preventing and treating the problem of mis positioned teeth and misaligned jaws. By getting the right kind of treatment a person can embrace a better quality of oral health in addition to enhanced aesthetics.

What are the problems cured in orthodontics?

An orthodontist aims at achieving the following objectives:
a. Treating improper bites
b. Straightening the crooked teeth
c. Improving chewing ability and speech
d. Aligning tips of the teeth
e. Closing wide gaps between the teeth
f. Enhancing long term health of teeth and gums

What are the various devices used in orthodontics?

An orthodontist uses fixed and removable devices to treat different kinds of dental problems. 

1.Fixed appliances: The patient can eat and drink as normally as before. However, sugary and sticky food items have to be avoided. Fixed appliances are:

a. Braces

b. Fixed space maintainers

2.Removable appliances: These are used to treat minor problems and can be taken out while eating, cleaning and flossing. Removable appliances are:

a. Lip and cheek bumpers

b. Aligners

c. Palatal expander

d. Headgear

Walk into Blue Orthodontics in Phoenix and let misaligned teeth be a thing of the past.

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